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Boddingtons’ products rebranded to be part of the Terram portfolio

Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd has merged its construction and landscaping products under the Terram banner in anticipation of Terram geotextiles, geocomposites and geocells being manufactured at the Maldon plant in Essex.

This means that products including BodPave® 85 porous pavers, GrassProtecta® and TurfProtecta® grass reinforcement mesh, Protectamesh™HD Rockhshield mesh, Detectamesh® detectable mesh and underground warning tapes have become part of the Terram family of products. Details about all these products can be found on the appropriate product pages


New TERRAM Website - Application focussed

Fiberweb are pleased to release their updated TERRAM geosynthetics website.

The website has been designed to enable customers to be able to find the TERRAM solution to their application in an easy and logical way. As well as being able to search by Product, customers can also search by Application Function (Filter / Separator, Protection, Reinforcement etc) and by Market Sector (Roads and Highways, Railways, Landfill, Grass Reinforcement, Pipeline and Utilities and Coastal / Waterways).

Pages are cross linked on the site, ensuring easy navigation from the different navigation options i.e. Market Sector to Products. Downloadable supporting literature is also displayed relevant to which area on the website that the customer is- so a Highways Engineer will only be provided with information of products and solutions relevant to Highways if they are navigating through the Highways market Sector.

Another major development is the Projects section, which demonstrates some of the recent projects that TERRAM products are being used on. These will be updated regularly and some will be supported for full technical case study pdf documents.